Saturday, September 8, 2018

Project 0: Upgrade

I've always had issues with my hearing, I have always had trouble being able to decipher different sounds and noises. Everything overlaps and melts together to create a loud cacophony, and is especially hard when I am trying to listen to someone speaking.
For my Upgrade I would install a device that would aid in my hearing, but a bit more intense than an actual hearing aide. This device would require three piercings in the ear, as well as a small wire that would tap into the brain's auditory cortex, located in the temporal lobes on either side of the head (or just tap into one side depending on if the user wants two implants, one for each ear).
The device would extend past the helix of the ear to form a small discreet dish that would amplify auditory intake and allow the user to pick up even the smallest sounds. There is also a panel located on the side that would allow for adjustments and to power on and off, as well as a secondary small microphone that allows for additional auditory pickup.
The device not only amplifies auditory pickup, but will also be able to adjust to intake the information and be able to decipher between specific noises. So it can pick out voices, music, ringtones, vibrations, and even sounds from very far distances, depending on what the setting you choose.

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