Thursday, September 27, 2018

Week 4 Report

I was out for the first part of this week, however I did end up soldering the #2 noise machine together, and I added an on/off switch (which was a great idea because otherwise it would just stay on and scream at me), however I didn't know that the steel wool used to clean the tips of the soldering irons were specific, and I used a kitchen steel wool which ended up melting the only small soldering tip I had for my soldering iron. So lessons learned, and I ended up ordering a new iron and a soldering steel-wool stand. So now I should have all the correct components. I just need to make a stand that has the clips to hold to pieces together and I should be set.

I asked for the #3 parts for the noise machine because hen putting the #2 #3 together on the breadboard I found that the #3 seemed to work better (or at least I liked it better, I stayed quiet until I touched the wires instead of just screaming at me the entire time the battery was plugged in), so I was going to solder all of the #3 parts together and see how that one turns out instead, and from there I'll decide which one to use for my actual project.

I also turned in some sketches for what I'd like my project to look like once I'm done. I definitely get a creepy vibe from the noise machine, so I'd like to incorporate a creepy design into my interface by molding together a bunch of doll parts and maybe try to incorporate LED lighting as well.

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